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Dreams About Drowning

What do dreams about drowning mean?

To dream of drowning, denotes loss of property and life; but if you are rescued, you will rise from your present position to one of wealth and honor. To see others drowning, and you go to their relief, signifies that you will aid your friend to high places, and will bring deserved happiness to yourself. For a young woman to see her sweetheart drowned, denotes her bereavement by death.
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Harrison @ 2011-08-04 23:08:57
well i dreamt the other day that i was stuck face down in a thick dark watery bog and that it was pulling me in, i dont know why i had the dream but the whole day i was put in a really foul tempered mood and i knew i was in it the whole day but i couldnt help being like it, it wasnt particulary a hot day, we were having a little bit of rain (but i do like the rain to be honest) and i had a little head ache when i had woke up (probably from the stress of the nightmare). i didnt die in the night mare but i wasnt saved, i just sort of stop dreaming about it and moved onto another part of my dream. nothing bad has happened to me except the bad temper i had. although it only lasted about 10hours and now i feel fine, although still abit weird feeling when i think about my dream, like a defencless feelings, like i might have it again.

jesnoel @ 2012-01-23 22:06:07
I had a dream my daughter ran and jumped into a jacuzzi full of people and no one helped her I couldn't find her but then I ran to the jacuzzi and saved her and was hysterically crying while hugging her

poppy @ 2012-01-28 10:57:27
I dreamt that my mother had given birth to two twins (girl and a boy). They were much smaller than normal babies, with hugely disproportionate heads. Nevertheless they would walk around and my mother kept telling me they were three. I was with them on my own by the seaside and they were playing a sort of game that involved slides and challenging other even smaller children. These children were normally proportioned ad clothed but really tiny like borrowers. The twins were not clothed. The boy grabbed the neck of the girl and held her under water laughing like it was a game. I tried to stop him drowning his sister, he was much stronger than me. Eventually I managed to rescue her and tried to tell my mother that he was evil and would kill her. She didnt seem too worried and soon she had loads of children and i was passing out massive bottles of milk to these relatively old siblings. We needed to meet someone, but im not sure who as I was so distracted tending in the tens of children that my mother was so unworried about. Back at the seaside the twins were joined in the water by these older siblings and I became worried again they these children would drown and remembered the twins who that i could no longer see. I tried searching the water. I pulled out a tiny bugs that I thought might be girl, then my perspective changed and I was looking down on a small pool of rain water. I think I got a bit annoyed here as my brain tried tied to make a shrivelled centipede into a stead one of them was riding in the water and I decided to wake up

angel @ 2012-02-02 06:23:27
i kept having dreams where i was swimming in a pool but i couldn't get out from under the water.. i kept trying and soon i realized i was really holding my breath in my sleep.. i wake up scared everytime this happens. what does this mean?

Erika @ 2012-02-09 22:07:31
I had a dream that i was in a school bus with this guy who i liked (i dont know anyone like him in real life) and he drove it into a large ditch then he started drowning me, then while i was parcially unconcious he raped me, and later i was watering strawberry plants infront of his house i ran in told hisparrents and he was right there and then he started crying and he grabbed my arms and i kinda hugged him and told him it was okay and i love him.

grant c @ 2012-03-03 23:23:12
i dreamt that me and my dad were in a lift the floor opened and there was a jacuzzi underneath so my dad jumped in and the floor shut a few seconds later i opened the floor and my dad was lying there very pale and his hand was twitching out the water so i grabbed him and he vomitted vegetables and was fine

Jessica @ 2012-03-05 17:00:56
I had a dream that I was driving down a road that I drive down often and I was in the truck with my husband and son and we drove into a ditch. I was trying to find ways to get out and save my family and I got out and they drowned. Then I cam back to where they drowned and it was the next day and I jumped back in the ditch and tried to save them, but I couldn't find them. Now I am afraid of ditches when I drive down the road. What does this mean??

Brooke @ 2012-03-21 17:35:47
In my dream I was in the swimming pool with my 2 year old sister. She tried swimming and doesnt know how so she went under, I was right beside her and couldn't reach my arms out to grab her. It was a horrible dream, I watched her drown and my arms and legs couldn't move.

Bernadette is @ 2012-03-26 17:52:22
I keep having daydreams/images that I am driving over a bridge on my way home from work with my 2 yr old in my backseat in her car seat. Some how we end up going over the side and I can get in the back of my intrepid to try to get her out and I can't. The next image is of her lifeless body there in her car seat and I can't save her.
This is killing me inside. I arrive at work with tears in my eyes because I only have the images when she is in the car with me. I really wish I could understand why I am having these images all of a sudden.

Rita @ 2012-04-06 09:10:10
I had a dream my baby boy was drowning in a frozen lake. I jumped in to save him, my armed where instantly froze. I couldn't reach for him. He was slowly going down I was right behind him, I just could reach or move my arms till I couldn't see him in the deep water. Dreams don't normally bother me. But this one does. I can't stop thinking about it or picturing it. It scares me tremendously.What does this mean? What do I do with it?

britney @ 2012-04-11 20:39:11
In my dream I was at a pond with my boyfriend, we were walking to go fishing and holding hands. When we stopped to fish some friends of mine were there. Then all of a sudden i fell into the pond and I just saw their faces, all of a sudden I was underwater and I couldn't get back to the surface no matter how much I fought.. What does this dream possibly mean?

Kee @ 2012-05-18 21:31:07
I had a dream i had twin girl babies and I had forgot i had left them in the bath tub of running water and when I came back to get them they were immersed underwater i then rushed to get them out and they were lifeless i then woke up and was very scared and when i finally went back to sleep i was still in the bath room with the twins on the floor and then all of a sudden they woke up and started crawling......it was so weird I have been trying to figure out what it means

Janet @ 2012-06-12 20:03:26
I had this strange dream, it felt so real. I was with my mom then all of the sudden things from my right side kept fading away and Half of me was fading away. I screamed my mom for help... And I was trying to wake up but I couldn't. it took me a long time to wake up. This really scared me.

Marisa @ 2012-06-19 23:27:31
I had this dream where I was swimming in this lake out in the middle of the woods. When I was about to get out these hands came out of nowhere and grabbed my ankle and dragged me back into the deep part of the lake and pulled my under I tried to swim back up to get air, but they just kept pulling me to the bottom of the lake and I drowned. When I woke up I was drenched in sweat and almost crying cause it felt soo real it scared me

Sally @ 2012-06-20 17:24:27
I dreamed last night that my current husband and I were near this canal and saw some abandoned cut-worm bait we wanted to use for fishing. We couldn't quite reach the container over the rail and the security guard who was on some type of manual dolly rode toward us and was going to assist in getting the bait. The security guard was my first husband, who passed away from a seizure many years ago. He couldn't quite reach the container either, so jumped in the water to swim toward it with all his clothes on. Once he jumped in, he didn't come back up and I could see him struggling. I wasn't sure if he was having a seizure or was trapped by something at the bottom. As he was struggling, his eyes and face began to hollow, as it would in the grave. I jumped in and tried to pull him up, but couldn't. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

Kristi @ 2012-06-28 16:55:49
The dream I had was me standing in a river trying to pull up something from the bottom. I kept going under and pulling on something. when I finally got it loose and pulled it to the surface it was just a rug, covered in mud and was very heavy. It kept going under water and pulling me with.

Christy Strong @ 2012-08-20 13:28:16
I dreamed that my sister and I was on a beach with a bunch of kids that we didn't know. When I walked to get my feet wet I noticed that you would have to step over this cement wall it wasn't big but you had to and that made me nervous. We'll I seen my sister walk up to it and she steps right over it and gets into the water when I know that she can't swim and I was standing there screaming trying to get her help but I felt in my heart that she was gone. I woke up scared not knowing that this was a dreaming but also I felt bad cause I figured that I should have jumped in the water also but I knew I couldn't swim very......So I wanted to know what did this dream actually meant.

Lynne @ 2012-09-06 00:41:35
I had a dream where i was at the beach in our town on a really hot day, which is when the beach is at its busiest. Anyways, there was a girl i am friends with and a boy i havent seen in AGES, sitting talking on a bench next to the sea. The boy was called Tony, and he suddenly got up and walked to the sea, where were there were many little kids playing, and a whirlpool somehow formed. I just watched as Tony began to turn round and round and disappear eventually. This has worried me so much. Don't even know how, but its one of the longest dreams i can remember! What does it mean?!

Jessica flores @ 2012-09-23 20:42:17
I dream a lil boy was drowning in a baby bathtub i rescued it n startrd taping its back and it started choking n it was fine i am pregnant and i am expecting a boy wat does this mean since i allready had a miscarriage at my third trimester and i was expecting a boy too

Vanissia @ 2012-10-07 18:58:03
Last night I had a dream that I was drowning in a pool. There was people everywhere both in the pool & outside of it, but no one would help me. I could see my dad somewhere outside of the pool talking to someone but once I started drowning he disappeared. Although he was gone I kept trying to get his attention so he could get me out of the pool. Once I hit the bottom of the water I felt like something was holding me down but I kept thinking I can swim but I couldn't in my dream. Eventually I got out of the water but I was still drowning & no one noticed.

jillian @ 2012-10-13 01:49:55
My 3 yr old son actually had this dream.... He drempt that we (his mom) were driving in my car, we almost crashed and went into the water. The car started filling up with water and the doors were locked so we couldn't get out. He said he tried talking to me but I wouldn't talk back cuz I had my hand over my mouth to hold my breath. He was stuck in his car seat and couldn't get out. And no one came to save us.
Then he woke up from his dream. Can anyone help me with y a 3 yr old would dream something so terrible? He tells me about it all the time, and I can just see the sadness and fear in his eyes. What do i do?

Laquisha @ 2012-11-03 15:24:40
I had a dream that my kids and I were getting ready to. Go swimming. Which is weird. Cuz. I don't go near pools. But in the dream I walked up my kids weres b already in the pool I I got in an it was like a slide pool. So I told them. To get out but my younger. Son almost stowed I saved. Him an he was OK him and oldesr Son were fine the my baby girl slipped. And started. To drown I tried. To go after her. But couldn't. Get to her but she was moving so fast down the water slide. I couldn't. She drowned. And died very scary my kids are all that I have. Also. The pool was to deep. For any one to. Swim in. And people saw. And noone tryed to. Help her thanks

Michael @ 2012-11-06 16:12:31
I had a dream that my son was messing around like always. But in his fun of jump off the table he hit his headand fell down a well pipe full of water. He fell feet first with his head held looking up to the sky mouth open. He was lifeless . I then grabbed the only thing I could his inside of his mouth and bottom jaw to pull him out of this pipe where he was trapped and drowned . His body was lifeless not breathing . I laid him down and started smacking his face. I then turned his head and the water came out and he started to breath again . This dream was not a pleasante dream . He is only six and and as a parent this was traumatizing . What does thins dream mean?

leslie @ 2012-11-18 03:30:43
I took a nap earlier watching a movie about 4ish feel asleep actually. And while I was asleep I dreamed I was drowning and someone was watching me has I kept drowning I didn't die. And they kept watching me and didn't do anything just stared. It kinda freaks me out bc the person watching me was a man. But not sure who.

nancystapleton @ 2012-11-26 19:06:31
Last night I dreamed that my husband, my 7 month old daughter, and I were swimming somewhere...idk if it was a pool or lake or something...but all of a sudden all 3 of us were under water and I was swimming so hard to get to the top because neither I nor my child could breathe, and the water wouldn't let me. It was like I was staying stationary. Finally my husband grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me and my daughter up and before I got to the top, I raised my daughter out of the water so she could breathe....then I woke up.
I am extremely confused. What does this mean??

john @ 2013-03-21 16:46:08
was drowning at the bottem of a tank could c the top but couldent get there everything went black

leighanne @ 2013-03-23 16:14:35
I dremt that i had come home to a friend sleeping on my bed and when i went looking for my son, he was nowhere to be found but i quickly thought to look in the back yard where the inground pool is. There is only one way he could get out & that's the doggy door in the bathroom that leads too the pool. When i got outside my 14 month old son was dead faced down at the bottom of the pool. Scared me to death when i woke up what does this mean?!?

toady @ 2013-03-28 02:46:57
I had a dream that my husband and I were playing with the four grandchildren at a local dam. We were on the overflow levy. I looked up and the were releasing. The water. My husband and I were frantically trying to get the children. The next thing I know my granddaughter is being. Carried away by the water. I jump in. The next. Thing she is running to me saying. Grandma. You found me. I say of course. I did and I'm holding her. Then I say come on we have to go find the boys. And she tells me but grandma we live with Jesus now. And I realized that we were both dead. I have dreams like this all the time. I wish I could shut it off.

Jessica @ 2013-05-07 07:27:48
I had a dream I was driving my fianc├ęs jeep around a sharp curve and the car wouldn't turn and I drove off a cliff into a lake and I got out of the seat belt but but coding get out of the car bye kicking out the windows and all I could think was I was going to die and then I woke up but it was so real I could feel myself loose my stomach like when you drop from a high point on a roller coster and I could feel the water Nd hear the crash it was the most real dream I've ever had I woke up and the. Fell back asleep to only dream I couldn't sleep anymore even tho I was

beva @ 2013-05-31 10:50:49
About 4-6 months ago I dreamt my then 10 year old daughter drowned in a lake. We pulled her out and I was sitting next to her looking and crying for her when I turned and saw a little girl sitting by the to of my daughter's head. She looked at me and said, I'm your daughter, and I'm gonna die drowned when I'm this age, 12. I framed out and started screaming no and holding my daughter when my daughter who was in my arms looks up at me and tells me, " it's true, I'm gonna die when I'm 12, it's ok mom." I woke up crying and terrified!

Today my mom comes over and tells me she had a terrible dream, I asked her what she dreamt and she told me she dreamt my daughter drowned. Now I'm paranoid, my daughter turns 12 next April and I'm terrified to let her go swimming. I can't sleep, please tell me what this could mean.

Thank you

Anna @ 2013-06-28 20:15:56
I had a dream last night that my husband and i were in an outdoor hot tub outside of some sort of concert. He wanted to have sex and i said no, so he preceded to rape me while dunking me under the water repeatedly until i felt like i was about to drown...i got away and the rest of my dream was about having sex

Ms know it all @ 2013-08-01 10:21:43
I just had a dream that my oldest child and I were driving and went off road into water and started to drown and in the dream my daughter was a lot younger and I was really calm so I wouldn't scare her..I calmly told her to release her seat belt and I grabbed her so I could keep her at the top of the water so she could breath. .I jumped up after that so im not sure how the dream would've ended but it freaked me out 4sure.

Kristina @ 2013-08-16 07:03:37
I had a dream after bringing my newborn home that I had went to visit a family member with her. I left the family member alone with her so I could go smoke a cigarette, I came back and my family member came out of the bathroom without my daughter. I went to investigate and there I saw my daughters lifeless body floating in the bathtub. I immediatelytook her out and ran her to my mother where we sat there and sung her a lullaby in hopes she would wake up we did CPR and nothing my daughter was in my hands lifeless!!!! It's the worst feeling in the world!!!!!!!

kay @ 2013-09-03 15:40:18
I have a dream last night about someone was having a seizure in the pool while I was swimming. so I went over to help them out of the water..... unsure what the dream meant.....

Andrew @ 2013-10-21 13:24:04
i've had 2 dreams where first my daughter almost drowns (she's 7) and then my brother ( he's 33). both cases, they were infants and I had to go to extremes to save them. My current wife is expecting

Steph @ 2013-10-26 16:26:17
I dreamt that my 3 young children jord onto this log flume as if it was a slide and it had electric for some type of cable cars I jumped on after managed to grab to of them but couldn't my oldest I screamed out to her don't roach the wires and that I was tryin to get to her as I said this their was a big drop I woke up heart beatin really fast sad and scared what could this mean minutes befor this I dreamt similar all 3 again but the oldest drowned but I managed to being her bck to life x

Merlyn @ 2013-10-27 17:23:14
I had thiscar drowning dream. My dad drove my family and I into a lake, he was trying to drown us all. I had to save my brothers and I can't really swim but I managed to in my dream. I'm unsure about what this dream means but pretty scared since all my brother's are 10 and below.

Ashley @ 2013-11-02 03:20:24
For 2 nights in a row now I've dreamed about my oldest daughter being killed by a rapist I woke up crying n screaming NO MY BABY. And then my other dream was my uncle committing suicide by drowning himself. What could this mean? It just scares me because it was 2 nights in a row someone I love dies!

mar.stuart @ 2013-11-06 17:40:52
I dream about a young lady who was my friend who later became my enemy because of man again. well that man was part of the dream the girl got into relationship with the guy and had a son who was also in the dream.it happens in an open area where lots of people was. we all was having a party time at the end while everyone was going home we all had to cross a small bridge that has dirty and filtered water. it has small space for vehicles and people to cross so we have to cross one at a time. a little boy pass first, a vehicle next while doing so the son of my friend attempt to pass his way through while the vehicle was passing and he fell into the dirty stream of water; no one was supervising him, when the mother came round to check with the father who was leading the route of the crossing about the were about of their son he was no where to be found. everyone started to panic and start a team search. after half an hour or so into the search he was pulled out from the water by a male person who face I never get to recognize and was handed over to his father. while there and then the mother was so mad losing it crying and quarrelling to the dad. the baby was brought to an open area for fresh air and was place on his back. everyone just stood by and waited to see what was going to happen if they will have to take him to the hospital; luckily after hours of waiting he woke up coughing water through his mouth and nose.everyone got happy and the mother take the baby home; where he was never left in the care of his father again.

eve @ 2013-11-08 06:44:33
i would love to have my dream interpreted i dreamt that we were at a party full of people but surrounding by water my dog jumped in and i walked in with my aggboots to save her but in the mean time someone called out to me to say hello i replied and then seen my dog swiming away from me into milky waters i dived in and finally saved her but when i needed rescuing as i now was drowning my sister watched me plead for her hand to rescue me but just stood there her face was covered with red spots eventually she pulled out her hand but another man from behind me jumped in and rescued me?? what could this horrific dream mean??

alaska @ 2013-11-09 21:56:21
it started as i woke up at night in a newly dug grave dressed as a porcelain doll. as i desperately tried getting out i started to feel my feet getting wet. as i looked down water was rapidly entering the grave. soon, i was completely submerged and when i tried swimming out it was like something was anchoring my foot, but when i would look down there would absolutely be nothing there. i couldnt hold my breathe anymore and i felt my lungs slowly being filled with water. as all of this was happening i KNEW i was in a nightmare. so i tried to wake myself up and i couldnt. i felt everything. it was surreal. i woke up with a gasp and crying. what can this mean? i had this nightmare about 2 years ago and then again just yesterday. why is it repeating itself?

LorrIne @ 2013-12-02 00:55:20
I dreamt I was walking pass a swimming pool when I saw two feet of ababy floating I jumped into the pool took the baby out and started cpr the baby vomited and then started to breathe there was no parents about looking for this child felt so relieved the baby was alive???

Karen thomas @ 2014-01-23 00:11:25
Karen. Had a dream that I was talking to my mom,sister her fiance and my step father on a beach. As we were looking at the waves we were blind sided by a huge wave on the opposite side of us. Everyone emerged after the the wave went away. My mom was covered in sand and she couldn't breathe. My sister got her up and got angry with my step father that he didn't help her. She picked up my mom and some how my mom coughed up the sand and began to breathe. My sister was so angry and no one could talk to her. What does it mean

joe thomasson @ 2014-02-20 22:13:35
i had a dream last night i was with a guy i dont like went to a place with a pond with a black giuys head sticking out the middle of the water and the head was really big that of a black man and its eyes keep moving and lips were moving my friend said it was the sand keeper and i dont even know what a sand keeper is so i googled it and it said it is the grim reaper angel of death also know as the black solemn reaper i was terrified then my dream went on to were i was following the guy in a truck down a gravel road and it was dark and the head lights wouldnt come on i drove of the road and into water i couldnt move and tried to but couldnt i was fighting for air and couldnt breathe then i woke up gasping for air and had a head ache in the back of my head this was so crazy and scary

BERNARD @ 2014-02-28 06:39:16

Sajini @ 2014-03-13 03:30:37
I had a dream that my daughter falling into well & trying to save her. What does it mean???

christine @ 2014-05-04 15:22:35
I had a dream that my husband was standing in the beautiful clear water up to his waist. he was preocupied. I said hello but he didnt respond so i turn and walking away. He mumbbled but i didnt hear so he started to call so i turn, but his whole body was missing only his head was floating. i ran and asked him whats wrong then start resucitating only his head with no body. pls explain my dream.

Jackie m @ 2014-06-18 12:45:16
Anybody else noticing most of these drowning dreams have to do with someone's children...?

giovanna @ 2014-06-27 17:54:25
I Had A Dream That I Was Watching 2 Men IN Neighbors Backyard Putting Grass Down AND One Guy Started Sinking Into Mud But He Was Going Under THEN Back Up I Didn't See Him DROwn, He Was Just Going Under Mud Like He Was drowning but Bouncing by up, THEN I Woke up...He DidnT die

mercy @ 2014-07-08 07:50:08
i had a dream my friend
was drowning in deep water by she was saved

jessica @ 2014-07-10 19:46:32
I once had a dream that a boy a couple years younger than me was drowning in my bathtub and I ran and tried to help him but I was too late. I just cannot get this dream out of my head and it seriously scares me.

Alex @ 2014-07-22 15:48:39
I just had a dream that I was in the car with someone and they were driving. They left the car and I had to go to the drivers seat so I could be safe. In doing that, I didn't succeed and the road ended and I crashed into a body of water(I kept calling it the ocean). I was drowning to the point where I couldn't not breath. I grabbed my phone and was about to text my family that I love them because I knew it was the end for me. When suddenly the car was lifted by a machine and I was saved. But when I went to where the people dropped me off I no one knew, or cared, that I was gone and something terrible like that happend. This dream is just something I can't get over.

margaret @ 2014-09-07 04:57:31
I dreamt that a lady was anbout to drown.I called out for help and my husnband and two women went to help but the three women drowned.

Rudy @ 2014-11-23 20:14:03
I had a dream that my dead brother pushed me in the pool and I was at the bottom of the pool and he had his arm around my neck and was trying to drown me. When I was younger my brother used to push me in the pool and push my head under the water

Kayla @ 2014-12-20 20:51:53
I had a dream last night that I was drowning in the ocean and there were so many people around, but the guy that likes me was the only one that noticed me and came and saved me, I'm not really sure what it means?

Mercy @ 2014-12-27 20:55:16
I dream that my husand was trying to pull car from the he can not but i help he to pull it are ones

Donna @ 2015-01-17 19:16:32
I dreamt about my therapist trying to drown me. We had a physical struggle in the lake. She was pushing my head under, while saying " you are going down". The look on her face looked scary, maybe vengeance. I noticed there was an unsettling glare in her eyes as I would fight to resurface and she would again push me under and try to hold me down. Why did I not just succumb? I kept fighting to get back to the surface.

Jovi Shaw @ 2015-02-20 15:37:06
I dream that I was on the train and the train was going in a very stiff hills, then the train was break and I was fall in a very deep well but someone rescued me and he put me to the train again and the train was run smoothly again.

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