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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while sleeping. Dreams can sometimes provide insight into our deepest thoughts.
The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.
There is no universally agreed biological definition of dreaming. General observation shows that dreams are strongly associated with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, during which an electroencephalogram shows brain activity to be most like wakefulness.
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When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

-- Dom Helder Camara

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Mathea 11years @ Spider
I dreamt about ..
1 dream. A black large spider climbed up my arm. Then i woke up quick.

2. Dream i woke up in my room and so a spider in my room i didnt hurt it, but what does it mean? Please help.

Pink @ Death
Awhile ago I had a dream. We were in school and i have this friend who could ride a motorcycle and she invited me, my sister and 2 more friends to come and ride with her cause she'll drive us all home. And it was pretty awesome too because her motorcycle had a tv (oh dreams.) and when she came to this car shop, my friend (guy) jumped out of the motorcycle because apparently, his home was just on the 2nd floor of that car shop. Then this guy (who i dont know) came out of no where and he gave me an envelope full of money. He said: Kill someone, this will be useful. Then when my friend (who drove the motorcycle) drove just on the sidewalk to get all ready to leave, my sister jumped out too. Then when the guy who gave me money went to my driver friend, he whispered something. Then immediately, my driver friend held out a gun toward my sister and it was a gun that shoots knives.
Not bullets. Then my sister got stabbed. I cried and cried. And my driver friend left me and her and I was so afraid because it was soooooo real. Then when I woke up, tears were already falling down on my cheeks.

nix @ Mushroom
i dreamt last night i was cleaning my teeth with a mushroom, what heck is that all about!!!

Reikah @ Fish
I dreamt about a small blue beautiful fish I'm not sure how I got it but I then gave it to my boyfriend in a plastic bag with water ..( You kno like how you buy them as a pet). And the fish and I was really happy. Lol I don't kno how to explain the dream but this is my first dream about a fish

Sandra @ Bats
I was swimming with family, When I motives a bar Coming towards us.
I did't want anybody to get bitten so I tried to Grab it bit it lached.on to my finger and bit me.
Another bat came and did the same thing. I tried yo put my hand under ester to drown the but it didnt Work, I finally remover the from my hands.

Izzy @ Kiss
This was my dream, I was in my room with someone I hadn't seen before and all of a sudden we kiss. Then when we pulled apart he left and I had a tingly feeling in my stomach

Joreisha @ Dogs
Hey today I dreamed that I was at home and someone brought the dog in the house to scare someone else but the dog came to me and just hovered over. I was scared and when the owner or someone tried to get the dog, it growled at them as if it was going to bite them and stayed on me like laying as if it was guarding me I don't know. Would someone mind telling me what does that mean?

Alice @ Love
I had a dream last night about my friend this guy that I use to like him but He never knew I liked him in real life so in my dream he was telling that he loved me and that he wanted to be with me and I started to cry because it made me remember all those times we use to talk and I liked him a lot but the problem is that I have a boyfriend what does this mean can someone please explain!!

Adelina @ Adder

Can any one tell me what a dream means about adders.
I dreamt that myself and family were out in a cabin type effect and there was a baby adder, i told my husband to kill it cause of our daughter in which he did. Not long after that, another bigger adder appeared and bit me on my ankle cause i tried to protect my daughter. What does this all mean, the dream felt like it was an infestation of adders

Mich @ Pimple
I was standing on sidewalk out front of my house. I could feel pimples breaking out first on my face slowly progressing to my chest getting larger & darker ending at what were my nipples are now the largest and black