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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while sleeping. Dreams can sometimes provide insight into our deepest thoughts.
The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.
There is no universally agreed biological definition of dreaming. General observation shows that dreams are strongly associated with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, during which an electroencephalogram shows brain activity to be most like wakefulness.
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When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

-- Dom Helder Camara

Your most recent dreams ...

'm 21 and have never had a sexual or romantic relationship however I dreamt that I had a husband who was what I'd consider my perfect man however I have never met this man before . Anway the dream begins whereby I've apparently just given birth to our son and am now running away with him. I happen to get help from my friends in terms of running away as they drive me away and make it a significant distance however in the back of my mind I am aware that theres nowhere I can run without my husband ever finding me, he is so powerful that he has almost everyone working for him or his supporter. I continue to flee from him with our newborn son however. Somehow in the dream it becomes late and we stop at the shaddest hotel on the assumption that it too low class for him to be there however upon entering the rooms its apparent that the outside of the hotel is a facade since the inside is beautiful . I take to sleeping on the floor with my son whilst I give my friends the bed since its a single room. Just before we go to bed they ask me to lock the bedroom door and as I attempt to do that I realise my husband is unknowingly in the adjacent room and undressing his shirt and I'm shockingly very attracted to his body ...I then frantically try to lock the door before he sees me only to realise that the door is too small and wont lock. I then inform my friends that he is in the adjacent room they then decide to reveal themselves and beg for his forgivness for helping me in my escape . I hide behind my hotel room door and hoping to not be seen by him however my friends give away my current position. He then comes into the room and looks me directly in the eye ,his eyes were shockingly turquoise and the iris was not that recognisable as it was sort of smugged (surprising since I like green eyes ) and I find myself being again attracted to him and a part of me recognises that I'm severly inlove with him however out of shame of having run away and refusing to beg for his forgiveness like my friends did (I am being defiant ) I tell him that I'd like a divorce . He takes our son gets into bed and I'm fully expecting him to argue with me and yet he pays me no mind he instead give attention to his son and tells me that divorces complicate things whilst looking at our son he then says that we can just split up and still be legally married . He says all this whist not even looking at me and for some reason even though I asked for the divorce I'm devastated that he'd let me go so easily without fighting for me .. I fell rejected by him whilst I stand at the foot of the bed contemplating whether I should also get on the bed or not I eventually get on and then the dream ends .

I'm unsure as to what this dream means since I have no relationship or marriage prospects and yet this dream is disturbing me . Also the man portrayed as my husband is one I fancy myself having ,he is strong, masculine , financially powerful and handsome . Why them am I running away from him and yet feel hurt when he permits me to leave him.

zola @ Shop
i dream about shop

Blank @ Kiss
I had a dream I spent the entire day at a park with my crush then we went back to my house he went in for a kiss but I avoided it and gave him a hug. Then he leg go of me and said "no kiss me" so I did

Lori @ Annoy
My mother has been gone for 3 years today is her birthday and I dreamed she was calling my name but in an annoying tone. I was scared too!

Eva @ Father
My father has been dead for quite some time now and only now I started to dream about him. One of the dreams was him telling me that I'm not allowed to jump into the water, another one was with him and my mom arguing that we have to move to a different country and I said no. There were a few others, but why am I all of sudden dreaming about him now? If anyone knows why, please help me out.

Tristan @ Love
I had a dream about this rrally cute girl. It was like a school camp with my friends. Then i met her i never met her before. She was nice ans really smart. I was so in love with her i was hardbroken when i woke up

Claudia Reho @ Spider
I had a dream of a white spider crawling around my right hand. I'm normally scars of spiders,but this one just crawled around,wasalmost clear and didn't scare me at all.I just brushed it away then woke up.

L.L @ Drowning
I had a dream wear a sexual lady appeared to me, explaining the Ecstasy of life through your sexual desire. I remember excusing myself to the bathroom, in plans to masturbate, but when I entered the room and locked the door, I hear a noise erupting from the metal drain of my shower. Warm water began's to rise rapidly in the bathroom. I freak out and kick the door with all my might,struggling to get out. soon enough, a triangular window appears on my door, big enough for me to go through. I manage to escape and was petrified by the whole thing. I then go confess of this event to my sister and best friend whom I have a really deep connection too. I am guilty of masturbation. what does this mean?

SC Mom @ Peas
I had the strangest dream the other night and would love to see if anyone else has had anything similar. I had pews, of all different sizes, growing out of my scalp. Someone was helping me make parts in my hair and would keep finding the Peas and pick them out. One had gotten very large and something was growing inside of it. It was disgusting and one of the strangest dreams I have ever had. I've been disturbed by it. It's stayed with me for days.

Aghastah @ Dead
i had a dream in where my sister passed away and then a man did some kind of vodoo in the coffin where she was which somehow was underneath my supposed bed in my bedroom, and then after a while we all went to the lounge and then some little creates like little wizards but fatter and some where black and some orange and black...what does it mean i am very scared..