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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Necklace?


For a woman to dream of receiving a necklace, omens for her a loving husband and a beautiful home. To lose a necklace, she will early feel the heavy hand of bereavement.



Others about dreaming about "Necklace"

  • Katrina (1 year ago)

    I dreamed that my oldest sister placed a necklace around my boyfriends neck
  • Maey (2 years ago)

    I was out to dinner with. My mom we were in a very elegant restaurant eating a great steak dinner .My mother was wearing a neat necklace we got at a craft fair it was made of tin soda cans but very beautifully crafted almost silver looking
  • Faith (4 years ago)

    So some background, my boyfriend left for deployment last week, when we met we were seeing other people for about 8 months, but we've been strictly exclusive for 7 months now. In my dream my SO and I were at a party, and I went to the bathroom and was followed by a man who in the dream had been an old flame but in real life I have never met. He made advances on me and followed me into the bathroom and took my necklace off, but I told him no and that I love my boyfriend, and walked out of the bathroom putting my necklace on, with the old flame following me. My SO walked around the corner and saw us walking out of the bathroom together, me putting my necklace on, and assumed the worst. The rest of the dream consisted of me explaining to him what had happened and then later chasing him, then losing sight of him, and searching through hallways for him, to find him coming around a corner with my brothers, also searching for me but being aloof once we were back together. I've been trying to find an interpretation for this dream, having my necklace taken off by another man and then putting it back on myself, but I haven't been able to find anything. Can anyone help me with this?
  • Irene (4 years ago)

    A man bought me diamond jewellery,ring, backless and bracket, I had to pick it up from the shop as he was to shy to give it to me,
  • Faith (4 years ago)

    I dreamt that a king, his only child (daughter) and his entourage were walking in some forest when somehow he ends up dying in a ditch. He has in his hands the necklace that gets passed on from ruler to ruler. I take the necklace and give it to his young daughter, but she wants nothing to do with it and gives it back to me (instead of throwing it away). she runs off and ends up leaving in a bus full of children never to be seen again, leaving me with this necklace that doesn't belong to me and with no heir to the throne. i am in distress about it in the dream.

  • Melissa (5 years ago)

    I dreamt that my crush gave me a blue gift box with a gold ribbon. I opened it and in it was a silver necklace. It had a diamond charm, and in the center was what looked like a small red rose. A few days later I noticed the necklace had appeared again in one of my dreams, but I don't remember all the details. I just know it was there.
  • juliana navia (5 years ago)

    I gave a guy friend a gold necklace with a little small picture on it. It was the picture that was round and was with gold chain. It was at a time we were in trouble, someone wanted to kill us. He talked a lot wanting to date me.
  • Joanne (7 years ago)

    So i saw that little girl coming towards me and giving me to wear a blue necklace with blue pearls and a cross between them can someone please explain for me ?
  • dereje (7 years ago)

    I saw someone was giving me gold necklace and i saw trying it in my neck


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