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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Dogs?


To dream of a vicious dog, denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. To dream that a dog fondles you, indicates great gain and constant friends. To dream of owning a dog with fine qualities, denotes that you will be possessed of solid wealth. To dream that a blood-hound is tracking you, you are likely to fall into some temptation, in which there is much danger of your downfall. To dream of small dogs, indicates that your thoughts and chief pleasures are of a frivolous order. To dream of dogs biting you, foretells for you a quarrelsome companion either in marriage or business. Lean, filthy dogs, indicate failure in business, also sickness among children. To dream of a dog-show, is indicative of many and varied favors from fortune. To hear the barking of dogs, foretells news of a depressing nature. Difficulties are more than likely to follow. To see dogs on the chase of foxes, and other large game, denotes an unusual briskness in all affairs. To see fancy pet dogs, signifies a love of show, and that the owner is selfish and narrow. For a young woman, this dream foretells a fop for a sweetheart. To feel much fright upon seeing a large mastiff, denotes that you will experience inconvenience because of efforts to rise above mediocrity. If a woman dreams this, she will marry a wise and humane man. To hear the growling and snarling of dogs, indicates that you are at the mercy of designing people, and you will be afflicted with unpleasant home surroundings. To hear the lonely baying of a dog, foretells a death or a long separation from friends. To hear dogs growling and fighting, portends that you will be overcome by your enemies, and your life will be filled with depression. To see dogs and cats seemingly on friendly terms, and suddenly turning on each other, showing their teeth and a general fight ensuing, you will meet with disaster in love and worldly pursuits, unless you succeed in quelling the row. If you dream of a friendly white dog approaching you, it portends for you a victorious engagement whether in business or love. For a woman, this is an omen of an early marriage. To dream of a many-headed dog, you are trying to maintain too many branches of business at one time. Success always comes with concentration of energies. A man who wishes to succeed in anything should be warned by this dream. To dream of a mad dog, your most strenuous efforts will not bring desired results, and fatal disease may be clutching at your vitals. If a mad dog succeeds in biting you, it is a sign that you or some loved one is on the verge of insanity, and a deplorable tragedy may occur. To dream of traveling alone, with a dog following you, foretells stanch friends and successful undertakings. To dream of dogs swimming, indicates for you an easy stretch to happiness and fortune. To dream that a dog kills a cat in your presence, is significant of profitable dealings and some unexpected pleasure. For a dog to kill a snake in your presence, is an omen of good luck


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Others about dreaming about "Dogs"

  • patty (11 years ago)

    My lab beautiful bianca 14 and 6 mon.Passed 2 weeks ago we had 2 put her down I took care of her like she was my chid i miss her so much But she doesnt come 2 me in dreams so far my sons 28 and 32 did 3 times what is that about i even ask god give me a sign that she is ok my husband said she didnt go 2 him yet my sons frist dream was saturday the day after we put her down he had a drea m that she was running 2 my dad who is dead 16 years my dad was calling 2 her come on girl you can do it i said did she reach my dad he said no mom she was just running 2 him he had brown pants on etc. Then the day we put her down sunday the next day that my other has a dream she wasnt dead shewoke up now when the dr. gave her shoot he told us she would be gone soon she didnt he looked up and she always was and unbeleiveable dog and when i die i want 2 come back and live with you people you took care of her the best ever. Ok my son has another dream this time first she was by the water then she was in a meadow laying there he petted her she laying and he petting her With this that same night i was on the computer onrainbowbridge for pets i joined i had her in by the the i changeed and put her in a meadow and i didnt finish it because i had a problem with the computer what his dream was thats were i was puting the on the rainbowbridge
  • angie (11 years ago)

    I dreamed that a dog was killing cats in my yard. Can anyone tell me what this mean?9187
  • Missy (11 years ago)

    Hello, any comment would be appreciated... (I am not dreaming)For the past 2 1/2 weeks now when ever I go outside of my home I keep finding white poodle mix dogs, I would of nothad made any reference to anything being wrong but it is always those type of dogs I find. The first came to me and allowed me to put a leash on it and I took it to a shelter and the next would only come as far as 2 feet of me but allowed me to give him water then he just walked off. I need a lil input why I keep finding strays but only of this kind?
  • nica (11 years ago)

    I dreamt of a white dog that has similar body-structure of a labrador. it didn't bark nor growled in my dream.. hmmm. kinda its in a kitchen, searching for something.. I was kinda trying to sending it out.
  • QueenMissy (11 years ago)

    I find Your website very helpful.Thank You.

  • Tamra (11 years ago)

    My dog ranaway about two months ago. i havent seen her since than. and now i am having these dream where shes alive and well. and they are showing her coming home. could this mean something?
  • Roxie (11 years ago)

    I had a dream that my dog that has been gone for over a year now ,was beheaded, but he was alive without his body, I was searching for the rest of him to put him together.
  • SCB (12 years ago)

    I just woke up from a dream that a little green dog was following me, I didn't want it to follow me really running around by my leg, but then it turned into a swan and swam gracefully and I thought it looked really cool. If anyone knows what the hell this means, send meaning to please!
  • suzanne (12 years ago)

    Can anybody help me please i dreamt that me and my dad had puppies and i went in 2 check on them there was 6 puppies in the box and i sprayed something .later my dad went in and he found them dead .its just like me i love dogs and puppies ny life has always been around them can anybody explain this dream to me cos its wreckin my head
  • nurhaya madjidul (12 years ago)

    Dogs are chasing me..


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