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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Death?


To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow. Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature. To hear of any friend or relative being dead, you will soon have bad news from some of them. Dreams relating to death or dying, unless they are due to spiritual causes, are misleading and very confusing to the novice in dream lore when he attempts to interpret them. A man who thinks intensely fills his aura with thought or subjective images active with the passions that gave them birth; by thinking and acting on other lines, he may supplant these images with others possessed of a different form and nature. In his dreams he may see these images dying, dead or their burial, and mistake them for friends or enemies. In this way he may, while asleep, see himself or a relative die, when in reality he has been warned that some good thought or deed is to be supplanted by an evil one. To illustrate: If it is a dear friend or relative whom he sees in the agony of death, he is warned against immoral or other improper thought and action, but if it is an enemy or some repulsive object dismantled in death, he may overcome his evil ways and thus give himself or friends cause for joy. Often the end or beginning of suspense or trials are foretold by dreams of this nature. They also frequently occur when the dreamer is controlled by imaginary states of evil or good. A man in that state is not himself, but is what the dominating influences make him. He may be warned of approaching conditions or his extrication from the same. In our dreams we are closer to our real self than in waking life. The hideous or pleasing incidents seen and heard about us in our dreams are all of our own making, they reflect the true state of our soul and body, and we cannot flee from them unless we drive them out of our being by the use of good thoughts and deeds, by the power of the spirit within us. * See Corpse.


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Others about dreaming about "Death"

  • Dishsodj (6 years ago)

    I had this dream where I was back at the hospital and no one noticed me and I still had all the tubes in me and so I got out of bed but I didn't talk and all you could hear was like the voices of all the nurses and my foot steps. And so I walked up to this persons door and some boy came out of it and this boys always in my dreams but I don't know why and he put his hands on my arm and my skin started to like bruise up where ever he touched me and then we walked to these big glass windows that they had and he kicked my though them but no seemed to notice. This dream was followed by my worst sleep paralysis episode.
  • Vicky (6 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream thats why I search this immediately what does mean.My dream two different My brother kill himself and Worms I see a lot of worms in my dream.So scary!😵😨
  • sceagles515 (6 years ago)

    I have had a reoccurring dream but not in any given time frame. The 1st i was driving on the thruway and just got on to the ramp when someone stopped and I slid into them. I was in my convertible. Then another car slid into me. Then another car slid into them into me.. Each time a car hit into me.. I felt my body being jerked violently and my face being pushed into the stearing wheel. Then in my dream a semi slid into me And my car was now crushed and my face went all the way into my steering wheel causing a very grusome death experience.. I woke up at that moment.. I then started to driving a different car due to various reasons. The dream went away. My cars engine died and now im back driving my convertible, and today I had a dream where i was in my car and it was snowing intensely. A large amount of snow was on my soft top. I hit my window for some unknown reason and all the snow on top of my soft top came pouring in ontop of me. And i was crushed in my car to death. I have no idea what these dreams mean. But each time I woke up as soon as my death occurred. And the mechanism of injury is the same each time.. Being crushed in my convertible.. Any ideas why this is happening? My car both times was in perfect detail, it seemed so real..
  • sara (6 years ago)

    I had a dream, I was in college but it was our house and during the lecture a male friend of mine called me so I went out of the lecture to hang out with him seconds after that a guy that was my friend followed us then committed scuside in a river, I should to his funeral and regreted going out with my other friend and saying it's my fault by the way both of them have feelings for me in real life and it's the reason he commetted scuside
  • Connor (6 years ago)

    At a young age, My friends died because of a collapsed bridge, Last night i had this dream.. The collapsed bridge accident was all over again, Only this time.. One of my friends grabbed me by his throat and said ''This is all your fault''.. Then i wake up.. This dream only occurs on the day they died..
  • Von (6 years ago)

    My boyfriend had a dream that me and him was in the car and a guy shot him two times in the chest the guys said to him find your own woman and next took me out the car but I woke him up to eat so he dont know what happen after that what do this mean. It just really got to me I Dont want anything to happen like that can someone help me understand that please
  • Anthony Neves (6 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream of my little brother dying the dream started when I had stepped into my mother's room & she had said that my little brother had past away after surgery to his brain but, he doesn't have any health problems & my mother didn't really seem to care about it fact she made a really inappropriate joke saying that he probably bent down and all the blood rushed to his head after he woke up from surgery ...then I was in a store with a friend that I used to be really close to & I was taking her what had hastened & I couldn't even finish my sentence even I was talking about him I would just start balling & crying hysterically...i really hope someone can explain to me what this means ,or give me some kind of explanation to why I had this dream
  • Pink (6 years ago)

    Awhile ago I had a dream. We were in school and i have this friend who could ride a motorcycle and she invited me, my sister and 2 more friends to come and ride with her cause she'll drive us all home. And it was pretty awesome too because her motorcycle had a tv (oh dreams.) and when she came to this car shop, my friend (guy) jumped out of the motorcycle because apparently, his home was just on the 2nd floor of that car shop. Then this guy (who i dont know) came out of no where and he gave me an envelope full of money. He said: Kill someone, this will be useful. Then when my friend (who drove the motorcycle) drove just on the sidewalk to get all ready to leave, my sister jumped out too. Then when the guy who gave me money went to my driver friend, he whispered something. Then immediately, my driver friend held out a gun toward my sister and it was a gun that shoots knives.Not bullets. Then my sister got stabbed. I cried and cried. And my driver friend left me and her and I was so afraid because it was soooooo real. Then when I woke up, tears were already falling down on my cheeks.
  • deborah (6 years ago)

    Dreamed bout my mother who has been dead for 34 yrs already and last night i had a dream bout her dying, wondering what does this mean anyone please help me
  • Danielle (6 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream (which felt awfully real) that my brother shot himself in the head with a gun & I witnessed it from inside our house we have a glass door & I saw it clear as day, but in my dream I felt like I was the only one who was completely mortified over this. In my dream my mom just looked at me with a few tears in her eyes I'm not sure exactly what she was saying but it was something along the lines of "I tried to tell him not to" & she was just shaking her head. Within the past year of 2015 we've had problems with my brother & his gf and just my immediate family in general a lot of crap has gone on...& my brother and his gf are newly pregnant with their first child together, she already has a 7 year old daughter. Not sure if them being pregnant recently has anything to do with it. Idk it just felt so real like I saw his body up close and everything I could see the gun shot wound too,it really freaked me out. & the article above just weirds me out even more, my family has been through so much lately & my friends have had their boyfriend & relatives passing away and sick recently...idk what to think

  • esther (6 years ago)

    Had the most awful vivid dream last mum text me to say that ny sister and her partner had been run over and they both died. I was in pieces, rang the man i've been seeing who had a go at ne that he was busy and I know that so why the heck am I ringing him we had a row and I ended up splitting with him. Towards the end of the dream I learned my 3yo son had been with my sister and her boyfriend when they got run over and my son had died too. And I was sitting on my kitchen floor with the tub of cornflake cakes we made at xmas knowing i should throw them away but not being able to let go? Woke up at 3am in absolutely floods of tears, felt like my heart was breaking. Really unnerved me.
  • Renee (6 years ago)

    My 10 year old daughter had a dream of her older sister killing their little brother. well she is really shaken by this. i am looking for stuff to help explain and to help her understand why she had this dream. can anybody help?
  • rylee (6 years ago)

    In my dream my mom chopped off my feet and then gruesomely murdered me. I'm not sure why K dreamt this, me and my mother have an amazing relationship.
  • Brandon (6 years ago)

    Let's start off with since I was very young I have always had nightmares, can't sleep for 2 days after nightmares. Now 30 years later I still have nightmares but have gotten use to them. But last night I dreamt that I was I teenager out with friends all on dates there are 6 of us total. When one of the guys starts being aggressive with one of the girls and I intervene. Then the guy pulls out a knife and proceeds to stab me. He stabs me twice in the stomach and I get away to a phone to call the cops. Just as I pick up the phone he starts stabbing me again this time all over. He stabs me in the mouth, throat, chest, arms, and legs. I just lay there hoping by now he thinks I am dead but I am not and he finely leaves. I am laying there with blood all over and around me thanking God he finally stopped and left. Ambulance arrives takes me away and I survive with multiple scars all over my body and face. Then I just know it is one year later and out with friends again and that same guys comes out of no where and stabs me in the throat. This time I fall to the ground bleeding out till I am dead. Now mind you all my dreams are very vivid. I could feel the pain every time he stabbed me. Plus the last time I had that dream I was 5 and it was my first nightmare. It terrified me then and it terrified me now.
  • MiggyC (6 years ago)

    Since I was younger I would have dreams of things that I would see happen and sooner or later they would happen. Eventually I reached a point when I couldn't dream at all. Around the time I was 14 the dreams started to come back every few nights. Around this time I also started to hear things in my sleep. I could hear a heavy breathing as I was waking up and would hear an animal kind of growl next to my bed that would wake me up. I thought it was in my head.. As I was getting older my dreams started happening more and I would hear the voices and sounds less. I would have an awkward deja vu moments after having a conversation with somebody and reliving that moment. Sometimes I would have a dream that I went to the store to get something and the cars I saw in my dream where the exact cars and the exact colors they were in my dream. Now I'm 19 and I'm still having the same dreams but they just seem more vivid and now I'm also dreaming of dying. From the time I was little it was hard for me to remember what I had dreamt about the night before but as I got older it would be like a memory that I kept through the whole morning and it would just feel like weird deja vu when it happened. But I can't remember how I'm dying in my dreams, just a feeling I'd never felt before that make me feel that way. For some reason it feels like I'm drowning but idk
  • Blaa (6 years ago)

    I saw this huge golden/cream owl coming from the neighbors house, and then i see my cat pouncing on it, but i think the owl didn't die. . .? and saw something similar to this again this night
  • Sarah Nakyobe (6 years ago)

    I dreamt 3days back when my boss's wife was dead and after some time my boss also died and they gave me the camera to take the video but as i was doing, i started fearing that how am i going to start working with my boss's son and how am i going to do all the difficult works, but we burried the boss? And i also dreamt when my aunt is being wrapped and put in the coffin. So help me because i always experience those bad dreams almost everyday
  • Jay (6 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream about my little brother committing suicide with a gun in front of me, we were hanging out like we used to and then he pulls out a gun and shoots himself. I am so scared now my little brother don't talk because of my life style (me being a lesbian). Can someone please help me I don't want to loose my little brother
  • Cecilia (6 years ago)

    I dreamt that i died in a car accident. The thing is I didn't see myself in the car accident, in my dream I had overheard my uncle call my dad and tell him i was in a car accident and died. However i was still walking around and i felt like i was soaking wet.It felt as if no one could see me, when i went to a restaurant where my ex boyfriend was at, i went running up to him crying asking if he could see me, he said yes and hugged me. He then started kissing me and touching me, i told him to stop he wouldn't.I asked him to please give me a ride home and he said first we would stop somewhere of course to have sex. (the reason we broke up is because he lied to me, he's married). In the dream when i told him no, he told me personally he was married and his wife was going into labor. I ran off. And then i was in a different place now alive, everyone could see me, I was applying for a job with my other co-workers. When my current boss got there I began to cry because all he said were good things about me, i felt like i had dissapointed him and it didn't feel right at all, I began to ask for his forgiveness. In my dream i remember he said in life you have to take new opportunities... I'm terribly confused on my entire dream.
  • Emyers1459 (6 years ago)

    I have had a recurrent dream... I am in a burning building and I push her out the window and a burning board falls on me... What does it mean??


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