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Dreams About Killing

What do dreams about killing mean?

To dream of killing a defenseless man, prognosticates sorrow and failure in affairs. If you kill one in defense, or kill a ferocious beast, it denotes victory and a rise in position.
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noemi @ 2010-01-18 16:30:01
I killed a baby in my dream

Dawn @ 2010-08-26 11:41:32
Although the dreams differ in location and story I have a repetative dream I have murdered someone in the past and the body is in danger of being discovered and my identity revealed, the body is often my ex from 14 yrs ago who was violent.

Nathan @ 2011-06-28 04:25:16
I had a dream my girlfriend killed me with a gun and then i woke up. There was no fight i just saw her with a gun and then she shot me and killed it.

sinister @ 2011-07-11 16:50:34
I had a dream that In which I am being questioned about killing a person and even though i can recall myself actually killing somebody. But the feeling i had in the dream was that of guilt. I was ask people what happend what was the story. Then there was a garage in which the suspected victim wrote note about being captured. It was so scary. In the dream i tried to cover up the writing but it wouldnt come off. I wish i could have this explained to me. I never want to dream like that again!!

elidania @ 2011-08-18 07:40:52
i had a dream that i killed alicia keys keys because i didnt like her . so i stuffed her body in a closet. there she reamined for afew months. then somehow my brother found out about the body so he told me he was very disapointed in me and that if i didnt tell my mom what i did he would tell her himself. so in a hurry to dispose the body i chopped her limbs in small pieces and blended them in a blender,thus creating a bloddy pulp. so i had the pulpy body in a rubbermaid conatiner under my bed and continued living for several months without my mother knowing and my brother giving me dirty looks. until one day i decided to confide in her and tell her what i had done. she was very disapointed in me ,but she was not angry. we went out to the woods to pour the bloody pulp in the trees and then all of a sudden a helicopter light flashes above us , and then the dream ended.

Deshaundra harrison @ 2011-10-29 04:44:02
I had a dream that i followd my boyfriend to a house n a girl was walking to his car n i grabbed our daughter that im pregnant wit nw n walked to his car n when he got out i stabbed him 22 timez n tha stomach n he was dead

china lasale @ 2012-01-16 06:23:18
im my dream i was at my aunts house but it was a play place like in mcdonalds.in my dream there were zombies chasing us everywhere and i was killing them with my weapons as were other people in the house/playplace i was venturing off deeper into the playplae when i found my aunt. what was strang is that the woman didnt look like my aunt but i identified her as my aunt. she was carrying a baby girl and my aunt has always wanted a girl but was never able to have one only boys. and my aunt was crying and hugginbg the baby and i felt a need to pull the baby from her because i knew that the baby was evil and that it was hurting my aunt and that i had to kill the baby and i told her this but she didnt want me to she said that the baby would grow out of it but then the baby told me something that i dont remember now but i grabbed her and was about to twist her neck when my aunt said she should do it so we both killed the baby and defeated the zombies. i feel guilty about this dream for some reason please help!!! :)

April @ 2012-01-27 17:52:42
My Husband has had the same dream for 2 nights in a row. Its where there are these 5 guys trying to kill his little brother and none of his guns will fire so he find a sword and he starts to kill them before they get a chance to kill his little brother. We are just wantin to know what this means and if we should be worried about anything??? Please help us he dont normally have bad dreams like this.

Selena @ 2012-03-16 03:43:17
for some reason i was at a hotel and my dad and mom were there and i shot him in the chest multiple times for no apparent reason.

mercedesj @ 2012-04-20 17:27:14
i had a dream that my partner shot me in the stomach while i was pregnant and the baby wasnt gonna be his i survived and we were still together after and happily married i dont understand what this dream means

Sly @ 2012-06-09 21:08:07
I have a recurring dream that I have killed someone (the last time I dreamed that I killed my manager) and that the police are looking for me and that I'm going to end up in jail. The dream seems so reel every time I have it that when I wake up I wonder if I have really killed someone... of course I have not!

tgriff @ 2012-09-27 23:55:17
most of the dream is jumbled when i try to remember it, but i had a dream that i poisoned and possibly killed my little girl. i gave her a syringe with a clear fluid in it and she started to foam at the mouth and then covered her mouth like she was trying to throw up but wanted to hold it back. i'm terrified of this dream because my little girl is only 3 years old (even in the dream she is the same age) and i would never harm her in any way.

dec @ 2012-10-15 04:11:41
i dreamt that while my girlfriend is asleep i go down stairs and violently kill her dog and then come up to bed a put a pillow over her head until she dies but then i start to stab her repetedly cut her hair and put her in a barrel of acid its really scaring me because i think im a really loving person and i couldnt do it to her

anonymous @ 2013-08-23 07:42:25
So I'm on the bus back home from school (17 btw) when I decide to get off. I then run down a lane which I know is not next to my normal bus route, but is a fairly long lane. At the end of the lane I find I'm chasing my friend Deborah, who I've known since I was in nursery. I did fancy her once but she got a boyfriend so I decided not to tell her. I found her in a building and shot her point blank in the face. Then I just ran back to the bus. On the same lane, I ran into to of my friends. They asked where I had been and lied to them. Them I woke up. If anyone has any idea what this is, leave it ass a comment.

Dk @ 2014-03-25 05:39:56
killing dreams are unfortunately too common for me. either im in a war zone pissed off, angry and on a bloody rampage in which i destroy everything in my path, or i am protecting someone close to me. why these dreams happen to me i have no idea, but they are getting disturbing and i wish they would stop. its sort of like torture, in a dream that re occurs on several occasions the person closest to me dies after i try so hard to save them and also kill the person trying to hurt them in the first place, then they just die. i wake up angry, sad, and in distress, then realize it was a dream then feel fine 20 min later.

Aj @ 2014-06-06 08:49:36
I killed Batista from dexter and he slit my wrist as he died

Katt @ 2014-12-08 02:53:13
I'm on this kid roller coaster for a few seconds it just turns, halfway falling off but it felt like someone pulled me back on it then I get off. and there is a huge bunk bed and all of a sudden i'm on top of it.Then I take this stuffed animal frog and start ripping the eyes out of it screaming "There watching me!" over and over again. Then I do the same with a teddy bear but I only get one eye and and stop then say "I know what to do". then there are like these to couple, a women and a man and I take some kind of knife and kill them.

~then, i wake up~

please help me I don't understand why I would dream about something so weird

Anon @ 2014-12-14 04:38:47
I had a dream that my ex was beating the shit me and then my she killed me.

tyler @ 2015-01-09 17:43:33
I've been having the same dream for three nights now when i go to sleep. im in the kichen and i hear a vioce in my head and it's telling me to grab a kinfe so i grab a kinfe then i loss control of my body and i walk to my little sisters and brothers room and i slowly cut there throut and wacthed them bleed to death and than after i know they are dead i walk to my grandpa's room and put a towel in he's mouth and killed him to then my body is still not under my control but my tears are im crying like its raining cats and dogs.my feet carryed me to my moms and dads room and killed my mom fast and i slowly killed my dad i wacthed the life fade from his eyes.then i ganded control again and i started to try and stop the blood but they were all dead.

Allysa @ 2015-02-28 22:45:41
I had a dream where I was in this room where all the walls were white and the ciling had wood paneling (like an old historical building) in the middle of the room was this contraption that attracted me. I was in my knees looking at it and then a black cat appeared. I called over to the cat and it came to me and I was petting it. Then I heard this man's voice that sounded comforting but direct. He told me to kill the cat and started to yell and get louder. I never saw the man but just kept hearing his voice. It then seemed like I was out of my body and could see what was happening. I was in a transe when I was feeding the cat through this machine, I had to manually crack the lever and it would chop the small black cat into pieces. I remember crying and feeling awful but my body longed to do it. After the process happened I then was seperating the cats parts by the ones I could use and the feeling of the body parts was so real and the smell. I was crying while doing this but also laughing. My dream then fast forwaded and I was sewing cat parts onto either a manoquin or a real human. I then woke up with tons of fear and being so confused. I wonder what it means?

Kay @ 2015-04-13 17:14:32
I have been having lots of relationship problems with my husband over the last 4 yrs. He is shallow and refuses to discuss our problems and blames me for most of it. He brought his brother to live with us and has caused huge tension/stress as he is 57 with autism. My husband chose his brother over me saying if I didn't like it - I had options and I could leave as he promised his Mother on her deathbed he'd care for him. NEVER MIND OUR MARRIAGE VOWS in 2011,

I do not remember dreams - even fragments. But last night I had one that haunts me. My husband took me on a romantic getaway. Said he forgot something in the car - came back to the room. I turn around and he's standing there with a man sitting in the chair behind him. (Wearing a cowboy hat - like the one I just bought this week for my husband's b'day). He gets up .. aims. and shoots me in the head. Like a skeet shoot. As my head explodes.. I hear my husband say " Goodbye, Hon" as both of them walk calmly out the door.

I have read this means I need to put an end to a situation that has now begun to affect my subconscious. It's making me mentally sick. To know there is no loyalty to me and that he is cold as a rattlesnake - shallow - and refusing to deal with problems scares me. I am VERY insecure. I will pay attention to this dream. I need to make a decision as my family has been telling me to. I just didn't want to. Hoping things would get better. They don't.

brittany @ 2015-05-30 08:13:17
i had a dream my mother was chasing me with a needle,trying to kill me.it was very vivid and very real.her evil face haunted me,and this wasnt her shown nature.

merita @ 2015-11-22 04:33:15
I was accidentally killed.

Cat @ 2015-12-17 09:04:39
My boyfriend had a dream that he killed me. I'm pregnant and it's not his. I cheated on him and got pregnant...long story short. But this dream scares me bcuz he tells me he forgives me and we've moved on quite well from it I think. But in the dream he says he stabs me and think oh no the baby. And them everyone says no one wanted it anyway...

Charlie @ 2016-01-18 21:19:14
I had two consecutive dreams last night that both involved killing. In both dreams I didn't want to kill even though I knew the entities were evil. In both dreams I failed to kill the evil and was killed by it.
Also what I was supposed to use to kill in both dreams were inadequate weapons. I also felt empathetic of the evil.
The first dream was of a little evil boy. I had a poisonous marble like thing that I had to shoot out of a cap thingy.
The second was a zombie like creature, also male. I had to stab it with a butchers knife, but couldn't cut its head off. This dream also had the zombie thing tell me I needed to make sure it stayed dead.
Anyone have an idea what these dreams are about?

Missy @ 2016-05-14 19:28:00
I had a dream That my brother killed a man by beating him to death and after he was done he went after the mans son and he was running after him but the child got way and then the police come he was yelling at hi to kill him so they did. what dose the all mine. can someone tell me.
Thank you

the corrupted @ 2016-06-01 07:53:56
so i was on a bus and me and other kids were going on a field trip so we sat on the bus for a while and we were heading for a peaceful open field but before we could get to it we needed to drive on this road that led to it but the problem was is that there were creepy guys looking at us near the road and then all of a sudden the bus breaks down so everybody had to get off the bus but when we did we noticed the guys had knives so the teacher said run for the field so we did and some kids were taken by the guys including me and i was led into this little house and there was 2 guys in there one strapped down and one just sitting in a chair laughing at me so i started talking to the guy sitting in the chair and he said all of this was his plan so i begged him to let me go and he said the only way i could leave was to kill the guy strapped down so i took the offer he handed me the knife and said kill him so i stab him in the head but he does not die i stab him again like 5 times in the head but all that did was make his brains go everywhere and he was screaming really loud and i started crying and then i woke up scared shitless

Katt @ 2016-08-10 12:38:25
I had a dream that I was having sex with my best friend , after we were done I suffocated him with a pillow , the whole time his girlfriend was watching . The pair of us began to laugh hysterically.

Danni @ 2016-08-23 05:38:15
I dreamed i was in a house which had a creature/human inside. Two people and I were trying to stop the thing. there was an older man who always ran off to hunt the thing and left the other girl and I alone. I had to lead. We came across creatures that were very scary. We ran away twice. Then we came across a child who had been turned and I was forced to kill them but cutting their heads off so that nobody had to see them like that and so everyone's memory of them was left uncorrupted. Can someone please helping figure out what this means?

Anonymous @ 2016-10-04 18:15:44
I was murdered. Shot 3 times in the head. My body levitated above my corpse. I tried to shake my corpse to wake up but my dead self wouldn't move. The violent act was committed by an unknown person who was being bullied by another person across the room, who I had no relationship with. I actually stood up for the bullied victim. The victim left the room and returned with a hand gun. Shot the bully 3 times in the chest and shot me in the head 3 times. This dream has pondered me.

Lynne Thomas @ 2017-02-17 22:54:57
I had a dream that I shot myself in the head with a hand gun
I didn't die immediately
My skull was shattered but I put a bobble hat on and was wandering around my house
One of my eyes were hanging out
My mother and my sister came to my house and let themselves in
I was calm and they were hysterical
My mother pushed me to sit on a sofa and screamed at my sister to call an ambulance
She said it's too late mum she is going to die now and I sat there and I died
I was not afraid
I am fifty years old

susan @ 2017-02-20 09:32:04
I had the craziest dream the other day it was almost like I was watching a youtube video, anyways it started in this home I have never seen or been in and it seemed like the house owner was having a party drinking, drugs etc. and he had just bought a kitten, he picks it up puts it in a blender. I woke up instantly had to pee and blocked the image out for a few days and just remembered it.

Karyssa @ 2017-03-11 23:25:36
I had a dream about killing and torturing one of my friends. Even worse during the dream while torturing I was smiling/laughing/giggling I the moment I killed her was the worst I kept on stabbing her over and over then my family came down I immediately strapped them down to chairs and did the same thing.

Nicholas @ 2017-04-22 02:12:42
So, back in the 1st Grade, I had a girl in my class named Phoebe. She would follow me home, threaten people at their expense, and doing many other things. I remember something that she said one day that I never forgot. On one summer afternoon at camp, where she had followed me, a kid called me a nerd. She immediately started to yell at him, and said "I do not care if I have to kill you for Nick." I am still shaken by that even thinking about it. But anyway... Very recently I have been having dreams about her. She would appear very formally in the way I remember, then she would put me in her basement and would force me to kill that kid who bullied me. Some how in the dreams, she is older. As if I've seen her just yesterday. We haven't seen each other since two years ago, which was my last year of High School. I just don't know what to think.