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Dreams About Grapes

What do dreams about grapes mean?

To eat grapes in your dream, you will be hardened with many cares; but if you only see them hanging in profuseness among the leaves, you will soon attain to eminent positions and will be able to impart happiness to others. For a young woman, this dream is one of bright promise. She will have her most ardent wish gratified. To dream of riding on horseback and passing musca-dine bushes and gathering and eating some of its fruit, denotes profitable employment and the realization of great desires. If there arises in your mind a question of the poisonous quality of the fruit you are eating, there will come doubts and fears of success, but they will gradually cease to worry you.
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Tina @ 2011-06-24 20:17:45
I was walking in a wooded area and saw a tree with the most beautiful grapes, Purple grapes in big bunches. I tore on bunch off the tree but when i looked at them there were white caterpillars crawling amongst the grapes and I through them away.

Heather @ 2012-02-12 10:53:53
Purple grapes taken from a tree

Tom @ 2014-06-26 10:42:02
I dreamt that I was starving and someone gave me a big grape, a bit old looking, but I bit into it and started to chew. The the figure revealed that there was caterpillars inside them and I spat it out.

cobwebs of grapes @ 2016-02-26 04:44:34
I had a dream that grapes grew in the corners of the living room like cobwebs. It was scary.

Dominique Bryant @ 2016-04-05 20:53:47
I dreamed I was getting a sncknout the fridge but when I opened it all I saw was big beautiful purple grapes don't know what this means but I was in awww they were so pretty and fresh and I grabbed one to bite it but istantanly woke up what does this means

sally @ 2017-04-13 10:20:40
I saw green grapes not fully ripe hanging on a Vien

Christine pierrre @ 2017-05-20 09:11:03
I dreamt a friend give me a bunch of green grapes what symbol is this