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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Fears?


To dream that you feel fear from any cause, denotes that your future engagements will not prove so successful as was expected. For a young woman, this dream forebodes disappointment and unfortunate love.


Dream symbols related to Fears:


Others about dreaming about "Fears"

  • Ashley (7 months ago)

    I had this dream of an anomaly in my mom's bedroom closet it started out we were going to bed but I looked out the window and saw a guy we know getting ready to mow he had a red truck and it was daylight as we went to lay down it was dark and I knew something was in the closet my mom had a pink camo gun on dresser I grab it aim and shoot towards the closet but the gun was a bebe gun and wouldn't shoot them out with enough force I was freaked out but my mom acted like it was no big deal and this little girl kept coming from somewhere but I couldn't figure out where she sat in the room with us then one of the bebes moved as if someone touched it I woke up but guess I fell back to sleep and dreamed them about the same thing but this time it was my husband and I we were laying on the floor he was beside this toilet ?in the bedroom the little girl kept crawling around laughing and I thought where is she coming from so I started looking I started to dig into this toilet beside my husband and I kept digging out this grime that looked like dirt as it would get stuck under my nails I would wipe it on my husband to clean them out at one point as I was doing this my husband had this thing in his mouth that looked like a light bulb I reached over n tried to clean my nails out with that n u could see the grime falling all over him it was so disturbing I got so freaked out we left the room ran outside the girl with us... trying to figure out what it was she says so calmly it was a water anomaly then sprayed water out of a water gun and showed me how it kept forming ..I woke up freaked and haven't went back to sleep yet
  • Mayzes (7 years ago)

    I keep having the same dream every night lately. Im in the woods cuddling a female friend and my daughter. My friend keeps telling me someone is coming for them and i need to protect them. Then it's like a big gap missing and my friend and daughter walk away with a shadowed man. With my friend telling me it will be ok but i need to come help her. Freaking me out!!!!
  • Trudy (7 years ago)

    I 'm in a chair and my son is elevating the chair very high as high as a house and he leaves and goes into. Book store. I finally tumble out to the ground unhurt. then I see trucks being pulled out of water like you would pull a boat out od water, I look up to sky see two rare. Planes as others see too. later my daughter-inlay comes out of bookstore and wonder why she didn't help me.

  • sakshi (7 years ago)

    I have a dream where am in a jungle where there are huge playing cards all around and they are falling on me n am running n i end up crying wen m freaks me out and i hav had this dream many times.
  • andre (8 years ago)

    I have had a very weird dream where my partner was laying on a white bed in a white gown and sleeping. I had water up to my knees and was desperatley trying to wake her. She was radiating light and was so amazingly beautiful as if light was coming out of her. I could not wake her up and became desperate. I called out her name so loud that my fiance who was sleeping a bit far away was awaken and came over to me and found me trembling and calling out her name and then woke me up because i seemed very distressed. Can anyone explain please?
  • natasha (10 years ago)

    I have recurring dreams of huge waves - tsunami size - coming at me and i have to escape with the people i love, but as the water reaches my feet or is near enough to see the water (clear) i start another dream - usually something silly or stupid.


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