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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Father?


To dream of your father, signifies that you are about to be involved in a difficulty, and you will need wise counsel if you extricate yourself therefrom. If he is dead, it denotes that your business is pulling heavily, and you will have to use caution in conducting it. For a young woman to dream of her dead father, portends that her lover will, or is, playing her false.


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Others about dreaming about "Father"

  • Bug (2 months ago)

    So I had a dream last night yelling at my father, he’s not allowed to see my son due to him sexually abusing me. He cried in my dream as I was screaming at him and my sister. I refuse for them to be around him to even have contact with them. They hate me so much. Like it’s my fault for being sexually abused
  • Angtious (3 months ago)

    My father passed away on July 12th. I had a dream where my mom and I were getting ready to have him come over (they were divorced and he had never come to visit in the past, as he lived across the country), when he came there was a man with a face that was not his and same with the body, but I ran to hug him and could FEEL that he was my father (I love my father very much despite everything). Then, I had another dream during a nap, where I was trying to figure out more about my father. What does this mean?
  • Kat (3 months ago)

    I dreamt that I forgave my late father for leaving me when I was a baby. I forgave my grandmother too for all her transgressions.
  • Vlad (3 months ago)

    My parents are angry at me and asked me to leave the house. But in waking life we are ok.
  • nick name (4 months ago)

    I had a dream about my dad whos been dead for 19 years. we were renovating a house. he asked what i was doing, i said i was learning all this like you. we didnt have the best relationship while he was alive. nor would i ever say i want to be like him. he asked where i was moving i told him and he gave a confused look, like "ahh ok". ans i continued renovating a house up stairs while he was downstairs. in a completly gutted first floor kitchen . thoughts?
  • Lucy (7 months ago)

    I had a dream someone is knocking at my door when I open it was my deceased father
  • gramps (7 months ago)

    I dreamt that my father, who is deceased, purchase car tires for my ex-girlfriend, whose deceased, daughter and she never paid him for the tires.
  • Daydreamer (2 years ago)

    I had a dream that some man working at a coffee shop told me he was my father and gave me coffee and food.. i wasnt surprised at all just like yeah what ever. And he was proud like thats my daughter!
  • Naa (2 years ago)

    My uncle had a dream of missing my late grandfather and he was crying ,I was crying as well
  • favour (2 years ago)

    I dream about my death father asking I and sisters to put water on his grave that he is feeling hot.. Please what does that mean?

  • favour (2 years ago)

    I dream about my death father asking I and sisters to put water on his grave that he is feeling hot.. Please what does that mean?
  • Char (2 years ago)

    My father was disabled and he died 29 year's ago . Last night I dreamt I witnessed him being assaulted and I attacked them men asulting him . I hugged him and told him I loved him what does this mean ?
  • Katie (2 years ago)

    My dad died in a year and six days after my mom died. He died of pancreatic cancer. Last night i had a dream of him. I dont remeber it. I remeber we were talking and in my head think finally hes come to see me. But i started yelling at him. I cant remeber the convo. I cant remeber where we were in my dream. And i cant believe i yelled at him. What does this all mean......
  • Angie (2 years ago)

    My Dad died going on 7 years now and I've never dreamt of him until the other day! We were on a boat in the ocean and he was drunk and drinking a bud light but he was so happy! And yea my Dad was an alcoholic, anyone know what this means?
  • Dianne (2 years ago)

    My mom dream that my father told her to tell my sister to play her car plate number in the lottery
  • Shanita (2 years ago)

    I had surgery and 2 days after I dreamed that I offered 3 of my stepmothers nieces a ride home. 2 refused but 1 excepted. Upon entering the house I was speaking to everyone as I was passing one of the rooms my step mom was laying in the bed and layingnext to her was my dad smiling at me. I was shocked but afraid at the same time to were I couldn't say a word I started crying and proceeded to leave. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.
  • Happy (2 years ago)

    I dreamt of my late father swiming in a swiming pool or sea but water was clean. when I was scolding him as to why he was swiming because he might drown because he is too old and he can not swim. He just loughed at me and he went away. Idont know what does that mean.
  • Shae (2 years ago)

    I have never met my father before. I have no clue who or what he may look like. I had a dream that I met this man who is supposedly my dad. I looked just like him and I got a name. My mother was there and she kept apologizing to him for not telling him about me. My mother is deceased by the way so I will never know who he might be. Can any explain what this dream might mean?
  • Joanne (2 years ago)

    My husband died 2 weeks ago my son took a nap on his bed today he dreamed his dad was next to him breathing on him and simply said tick tock tick tock son? Is my husband waiting for someone?
  • Lynn (2 years ago)

    I was adopted as an infant. Found my biological mother in my 40's. soon after my father appeared to me in a dream and said he was scared and when he went to find my mom he couldn't. Investigated some and found he was dead. Recently this week I am 54 now I have an overwhelming desire to visit his grave and don't know why.


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