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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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Maryjane @ Dead
I had a dream that my late father was bringing roasted maize for my mom and I and my other siblings and later again now went and bring cocoanuts inside and Eva ragoli. The cocoanuts were so steel and hard in the ragolis so he had to used something like a little axe to cut the ragolis to 2 and bring out the coacoanuts he now took one and tested it and I took some to and stated eating. So both of us was just saying is very very nice and happy together. I was just so happy in the dream that my father is doing all that for us and happy to b with my dad

... @ Dead
I dreamt that my grandpa was dying ,idk if any of u watch Shane Dawson but I watched his video about the stages of death by old age, and my grandpa was I'll so I decided I would take him to the hospital (I'm literally 15 and I was alone with him during the night, and when I finished getting ready, he was dead on the couch. Then a huge raggedy car with my cousins and aunts pulled up in the driveway, they took my tears like telepathically. And my tears kinda like absorbed into them and then I looked back accepting the fact that he's dead, they left me alone, idk wtf to do, until I heard his voice. He just woke up feeling happy and bright and energetic. But from the video I watched I knew it was a bad sign. It was sooooo scaryyyyy. Shane said in his video that the next stage is pretty scary and you probably don't wanna be in the room with the dying person during this stage. So I was just preparing myself, I've nvr felt so much fear in my life, not in my dreams, MY LIFE. But I woke up before he could reach that stage.

Cori @ Owl
I dreamt that an owl was at the window desperately trying to tell me something. I think the owl was getting frustrated that I could not understand him. I woke up for a few minutes and then when I fell back asleep, I had the exact same dream. I do not normally remember my dreams but when I woke up after the second dream, I again felt that it was important to remember the dream and it was important to know what the owl was saying (it felt like he was trying to warm me of something).

Maniches Skywalker @ Fish
i had a dream about my aquarium fish and normally there are no baby fish at the moment but in my dream i saw lots of baby fish in that aquarium if anyone knows how to interpret the dream i had please let me know .. instagram : m_skywalker

mary @ Dead
My husband died almost a year ago. I keep dreaming of his corpse in bed and I am adjusting his body and he moves and moans.
Then I dream I leave the room and ask someone t come and see if I am imagining it and his body is on the floor..all I see are his feet..so I ask the person with me to go look. The person was my dead sister and she is startled when she looks down.
Then I wake up.
It seems like I get one step father every dream.
Please axplain??

Margie @ Father
I dreamed that my father who died in 2005 was fixing my lawnmower.

Kelly @ Teeth
I had a dream that I was cleaning my teeth with a dental tool

Michelle Jacobs @ Death
I have a twin sister named Natalie and once a month I get a dream where my twin sister gets in a car crash.

There are some days when my older sisters get the same dream of my twin dying in a car crash.

What does it mean...? Does it mean that I'm going to lose my baby sister (twin) to a car?

Busbus Medhat @ Death
i dreamed that i had twins and i gave birth to one and the other was left in my stomach, and my best friend came and shit my stomach and killed my baby.

Mrs.XYZ @ Spider
I always dream almost daily from past few years of a very big black spider crawling down towards me,as soon as it comes down I wake up with fear and it's gone,I really need an answer for this