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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

Your most recent dreams ...

Ryan murray @ Spider
I had a dream of black spiders with red dots and they were all around me while I was in bed, they were hanging from my window and everything they were coming ng for me but I never got bit, what's the meaning g of this.

Sarah @ Baby
I dreamed about my mother returning into a little baby..what does it mean ? Im very frightened

Grace @ Kiss
I was so asleep and then I felt someone kissed me. I was half awake and then I saw the person I loved before as he lift his head after kissing me and then I opened my eyes . He was gone. What does this mean? Both of us are married right now and he is here for 2 weeks then he'll be going back abroad again. It was too awkward for me. It's been twice that I dreamed of him, The first one was that I saw him in my dream sitting near from where I was sleeping . I sat on his lap and we kiss so dearly. He told me to wait for him outside and then suddenly I woke up as if the kiss was so real that I can still feel it on my lips. After that I have numerous dreams that he was standing at a shore and always saying to wait for him and at the back of the scene, the ocean was wavy, I can't understand what it means. Thrice that I dreamed the same dream but we are not talking to each other right now. But I really wished him well. He was my childhood friend and became so special to me before. We didn't had any relationship but I heard that he was totally hurt when I settled down.

Amanda @ Fish
I had a dream last night that I had a baby with the locness monster but it was trapped under sea but an octopus I don't understand this dream.. can anyone else please explain. I ran away from it in my dream and was scared of it I don't get what this dream means.

Sandy @ Dogs
I dream of my friend being mauled by dogs lots of blood. She wasn't killed just hurt what does that mean.

Lynn @ Father
I was adopted as an infant. Found my biological mother in my 40's. soon after my father appeared to me in a dream and said he was scared and when he went to find my mom he couldn't. Investigated some and found he was dead. Recently this week I am 54 now I have an overwhelming desire to visit his grave and don't know why.

Daquan Daniels @ Twins
I currently have one child. A little girl. I have always wanted more children mostly two little boys. I had a dream that I had those little boys but realised that they are twins both about 2-2.5 years old. I was changing one of their diapers (not sure why they are in diapers) but then I woke up. What does this mean? I am a parent of 3 with a little girl (real) and two twin boys (dream).

Wes @ Death
I had a dream that I was told that a very dear friend passed away the night before, I asked how come no one told me, then I'm walking into a museum and speaking to total strangers that are filmmakers like myself, then they are gone before I get to talk to them, but they notice admired the three normal size writing tablets I carried on my back and I noticed great big writing table they were carrying. Then my dear friend walked right by me but in spirit form. I tried to call out but she kept walking. Then I said to an unknown woman... What is today's date and she said the 14th of Wednesday. I said to myself while dreaming, non of this is real, I must be dreaming. Then I woke up.

Mohsin @ Grave
I saw a dream where i am fixing my grand father grave from in side and i evem saw his sculpture...then i was about to fix my dad grave but something happen and i couldnt..what does this mean..

Nicholas @ Killing
So, back in the 1st Grade, I had a girl in my class named Phoebe. She would follow me home, threaten people at their expense, and doing many other things. I remember something that she said one day that I never forgot. On one summer afternoon at camp, where she had followed me, a kid called me a nerd. She immediately started to yell at him, and said "I do not care if I have to kill you for Nick." I am still shaken by that even thinking about it. But anyway... Very recently I have been having dreams about her. She would appear very formally in the way I remember, then she would put me in her basement and would force me to kill that kid who bullied me. Some how in the dreams, she is older. As if I've seen her just yesterday. We haven't seen each other since two years ago, which was my last year of High School. I just don't know what to think.