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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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Antoinette Pais @ Grave
Dreamed that I am walking in grave yard n saw 2 of far family frindes watched by al graves in graveyards which was decorated in white flowers, one grave was not decorated and that was my grandmother who passed away 11 years ago

Baba @ Son
I dreamed I put my son in a carseat and then he just disappeared!

tina @ Uncle
I had a dream of my deceased uncle standing in the bathroom doorway showing me a bag of oranges

Ashleigh @ Dead
I had a dream my son was dying and right before he died he said the name of my ex who committed suicide what could this mean help

Peter P @ Dogs
A dog had appeared repeatedly in my nightmares. It always appears before something bad happens. It has one red eye

Rick @ Goldfish
Hi I dreamt that my gold fish gave birth to a lot of little fishes.what does this mean.im the person that dont dream much, and when I do I don't remember much.but I vividly remember this particular dream..

Dawn @ Spider
I was dreaming i put a baby to sleep not sure if baby was mine. Or my room and I was cleaning up the room and seen a big black spider in a web with little spider on a chair. I wasn't really scared more shocked and scared for babys protection from spiders. What does it mean?

coy @ School
i had a dream that my friend was locked in a freezer at shcool

Anne @ Dead
I saw my boy friends mother who hate me a lot but already passed away ....she was scoulding to my boy again did u start to talk with that bloddy girl and she scould him a lot..we were in a vidio call...so i heard it.this is a nightmare..what does it.mean?

Susan @ Grave
I have dream of cemetery as if me and my brother we visiting but can't find my biological brother who we bury in 2013 and my uncle who we bury in 2015 but it was quite and grass was green and i was not scared as if am not at cemetery