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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

Your most recent dreams ...

I had a dream of colorful ( green, blue, purple, golden colors )fishes swimming in a stream. Please let me know the meaning. Thank u so much .

Emily @ Baby
I keep dreaming about my pearents having a baby and I dont like him /her because in real life I don't wand a baby sister / brother

Claire @ Spider
I had two dreams one was i getting attacked by spiders and they where claiming up my bed secend was where i had just woken up and i saw my firend stuck in a spider web!😣wut does this mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elijah @ Dead
I had a dream where North Korea nuked us and I was one of the few killed. I then went into a sort of afterlife situation, but it wasn't the stereotypical heaven like place, but just earth, and I was the only person there. It was terrifying and I found myself waking up crying. I dont know what this might mean but if someone could explain I would be extremely grateful. Thanks

melissa @ Church
I dreamed that I was standing in my former pastor's church. He speaking a prophetic word to me and I can see my daughter standing near me. The were being nice to me and trying to give me things. He shook my hand. My daughter and I left.

Steve @ Baby
I dreamt my ex ( who I had a brief affair with years ago) gave birth to my wife and my surrogate but the baby was born deformed cause my ex drank so much...what on earth?

Asheka Foster @ Fish
I had a dream couple nights ago i was playing with two doulpins what dose that mean?

Asmii @ Goldfish
I putted back few small dieying fishes back to water.. black golden greydifferent colour fishes. Kindly tell me what it means.

Tiffany @ Dogs
I had a dream that a largw bear was trying to get my lost dog so I started to protect him. I also had another dream that I found him after he had been lost for a while and I was very happy. My dog had been lost for three months and days after I had these dreams I found my dog at a shelter that had kept him for a day.

Kavitha @ Owl
I dreamed that owl fly towards me, and i hold the owl in lovable manner.