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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

Your most recent dreams ...

Rausch @ Dead
My uncle passed away 7 weeks ago cos i grew up without my father he was the closest person to me and i could talk with him anything anytime i knew he was gonna give me the "man advice" that i needed sometimes.I loved him to the moon and back and i miss him.Since he passed away i dream twice already of him once he was sitting down next to me looking at me and second time which was last night he was straight up in a shirt black shoes and he was smiling at me i did see that he was so happy he even was smiling to me is there anything that this dream could mean ?

mb @ Witch
I had a dream last night that I was on a ship and a witch predicted my death. i saw the death, on the ship with my friends. I woke up and then instantly fell back asleep and into the dream. The people on the ship were directing us to move to the back (where these events would take place) My friends all moved. I declined and stayed put. She appeared beside me sitting on the ship. and said i need to go. i looked at her and said i am not going to die on this ship, repeatedly. then i woke up. what does this mean.

Lynnette Rivera @ Dogs
I had a dream about a brown large dog, looked mad and vicious waiting for me as I am getting close to my car, in the dream I was with my boyfriend and I noticed several dog waiting around my car as well they were just laying near my car didn't look vicious but that large brown dog was waiting pacing back and forth as I'm trying to get closer to my car. Weird.

Erica @ Match
I dreamt of my deceased grandmother. She looked young. She stared at me intently, lit a match and blew it out.

Jeanette @ Spider
I dreamed that I killed a tarantula by using water and I wanted it to come back so I cried but the tarantula would not come back because I had drowned it

Ashlee @ Knocking
My grandfather visits me all the time. Last night I felt like he jumped into my body. I couldn't move. What does this mean

J @ Bats
I had a dream that i was sitting in my country house bedroom and suddenly i am hearing this sharp and loud sound of bat screaming and i am not seeing an actual bat but the shadow of a bat walking down or standing on stairs. It scared me in my sleep that my heart was beating rapidly . Any thoughts ?

somebody @ Kiss
i saw a dream where a boy (my crush) just pushed me to a wall and said something like "i know if u deserve this" and then kissed me on my lips and im like yeah what

annn @ Dead
Ihad a dream of a
1lady (she is my relative and few year before she passed away). She wearing alot of gold on her and she came with 1kid. She is talking with me very nicely and lastly asking for someone.
After few days back ihad a dream of a lady and her own kid (both are alive) and iam playing with that kid and while playing i jumped down from terrace. What it mean?

Falak khan @ Grave
My mother is no more I had a dream that my family members and sum peoples are broken my mother grave and wants to take out her and forcing me to see her and den they put d body again in grave