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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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Bernadette @ Watch
I found my late fathers watch outside my childhood home

Joanne @ Father
My husband died 2 weeks ago my son took a nap on his bed today he dreamed his dad was next to him breathing on him and simply said tick tock tick tock son? Is my husband waiting for someone?

Donna @ Children
I had a dream that a creepy looking little girl with messy dark blonde hair and a dirty white night gown wanted to hug me so I let her (even though she looked creepy) but then she began licking the side of my face fast and rough while laughing. I was trying to push her off of me but she was super strong. She also wrapped her legs around me and was moving her feet back and forth digging them into my back. It was creepy and disgusting. I finally woke up but what does this mean?

Gina @ Afraid
I saw in my dream while I was sitting with my grand kids in tv room, a big huge blonde snake coming from out side , the snake was with a big head

odi @ Teeth
i have a partial denture and had a dream i was standing in the mirror and my denture start cracking and i just saw teeth falling out of my mouth it actually scared me and in my dream i called my decease mom to have a look.

Ann @ Dogs
I deamed of a sick dog. It tried to bark at me but no sound came out. Tried to bite my hand but his teeth couldnt even penetrate my skin and it felt more like a grab. Then I pet it gave it some love and I placed it in a truck to take it to the veterinary.

sunshine @ Tiger
I had a dream about me and my husband driving and a tiger walking next to us on the road. My husband tried to roll up the car window, thinking that the tiger might attack him. he slowed down while driving but then the tiger came around to the front of the car and stood still and stared at us.the road we travelled on was a long road.
what does this mean

Last night I dreamed that my brother and I were captivated somewhere. We decided to commit suicide by slipping down from a high roof. We reached a place not so high from ground. I was standing beside my brother and he slipped himself first. By the time the people who kept us captivated came there and noticed me only from a distance roof. I looked at them and when I looked below I found a scattered bloody torn up body of my brother. And strangely I didn't feel any sorrow. I started thinking positively suddenly that in whatever situation my life is, I shall not complain anymore, rather I shall accept every good or bad of my life. And suddenly being terrified of the dead body of brother I woke up. Can anyone illustrate this dream?

Ivy baguino @ Dead
I dreamt that the coffin slide and pass by infront of me touching my toe then one person said that i need to pray novena in 400 times

Robert Dees @ Dead
My mother has been dead for 14 years me and my father hasn't spoken in eight years and that's a very sad thing to say I've had at least 10 dreams the last 14 years of my dead mother screaming at me and my father is in the dream with her