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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

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layla Rose @ Pregnancy
i dreamt i was pregnant and gave birth to a baby and ii knew who's the father in my dream.A week after that my friend dreamt the exact same dream as me she dreamt also ii was pregnant what does this mean ?? help please..

Raquel @ Spider
I dreamt that I was cleaning a high shelf and pulled down and opened package of napkins. When I was about to open up when I en a big size spider (looked like a tarantuala) and it tried get me but can't remember if I smashed it or it got away,but it was trying to attack me. ? Not to sure what it means?

Queen B @ Flower
I have been meaning to cu my hair for a while now but was discouraged by those close to me. The other night I dreamt that I tried to cut my hair but it was so full of flowers,that I was unable to cut it.As I was parting and lifting it to cut, the more the flowers grew from the roots of my hair.

It was a mix of colours and flowers

LostSoul @ Dogs
HELP I need interpretation on this dream: I was walking in the park and was taken aback when I see a spotted pitbull on leash in my way. The pitbull was just looking at me.

Syreeta @ Bats
I dreamt my my dogs slaughtered heaps of bats,by tearing their heads off.

lizzie @ Kiss
I've had multiple dreams about me and my ex, and we still have feelings for each other. In these dreams we've kissed, and been proposed to, and recently have seen him undressed. What does this mean??

Federico28 @ Kite
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Hannah @ Death
I had a dream the previous night that the devil and demons were in my house I remember it was only my mother and I so we went into the kitchen and my mother got possessed by the devil I took a news paper because there was no bible near me and quickly commanded the devil to get put of my mother and to add on to it my mother is an alcoholic I continued to demand the the devil to get out of my mother in the name of God and Jesus he got out and he went out of my house my mother's eyes were left open and she wasn't breathing. One thing that went through my mind was she is dead!!I called my dad and he didn't seem to care cause he cheats on my mother with another woman who my mother and I call her the devil of the house. Since then I promised the next time that devil comes to this house I shall kill her if it is the last thing I do ..then I woke up and went to check whether my mom was alive and to my shock she had gone to drink alcohol.. Someone who's out there please help me interpret my dream. What does it mean???

Surya Krishna mohan @ Tiger
I saw a tiger who was really angry but it did not attack me. Instead it allowed me to sit on its back and took me to places where I wanted to go.what does such a dream symbolize??

Ann @ Bats
I dreampt of a host of bats, in cartoon form with big red noses and fluffed up fur, they were large and were hung on the trees outside my house and looking in through the windows. I tried to make them go away, but they just looked at me. When I went to bed later on they were all in the bedroom, hung from the ceiling, I opened the windows, and chased them out. They all went with no trouble and the bedroom had no trace of the bats being there. What does it mean?