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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

Your most recent dreams ...

Vb @ Ringworms
I had a dream of a whart on the back of my hand. In the dream the whart was being cut out or detached strongly and once opened, tiny white worms where coming out. I am curious to understand what this means...

Micah @ Message
Well last night I woke up due to a dream that I received a text message, I wasn't really able to read it, but it felt angry and ominous in fact it kind of made me stressed. I don't know what it means

Christine pierrre @ Grapes
I dreamt a friend give me a bunch of green grapes what symbol is this

Maria @ Dead
My mom was just buried yesterday. Last night I had a dream she was saying, " I'm still alive let me out." What does this mean?

Shae @ Father
I have never met my father before. I have no clue who or what he may look like. I had a dream that I met this man who is supposedly my dad. I looked just like him and I got a name. My mother was there and she kept apologizing to him for not telling him about me. My mother is deceased by the way so I will never know who he might be. Can any explain what this dream might mean?

Paula @ Dogs
I had a dream that seemed very real. I dreamed my dog Pepper was scratching to go outside, she was wimpering, but not stressed. I woke up (in my dream) still hearing the sound.I felt I was awake and still hearing the sound. But,our dog Pepper was asleep on our bed. I woke up realising it was all a dream. It was a really weird experience.

Diya jain @ Lizard
I had a dream today in morning (about 7am).I saw some lizards giving birth to new ones. I was amazed and surprised.

bdetsst@yahoo.com @ Cabbage
I dreamt that I was in the movie theater with my mom just after talking to my dad by phone (he was discussing my mom's old relationships). I hadn't eaten anything, but all of a sudden I needed to vomit, so I hurriedly went to the restroom to do so. When I looked at the substance, it was cabbage (mostly white with little hints of green).

Veronica @ Basket
a big dish full of water I'm about to wash clothes

veronica @ Death
yesterday I dreamt of a man who is a theft apparently they found him and he was beaten so but not dead so they took him and burry him at my home near the gate while still alive,so after some time I found out that they have buried a person here I went to tell them to take that person out coz he might die so the did that but when the person get out there he ran away so m so confused