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"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen."

Your most recent dreams ...

Wonder Woman 1975 @ Inundation
I had a nightmare we were at a stop light when all of a sudden we were under blue water. I said there's no way out, I remember watching a new report saying you can only get out of a car before it goes under water.. Then we are on a bridge and we see floods or lots of water and it's very calm and I wonder, are we dead? Then I wake up feeling very emotional.

Blade @ Teeth
I had a dream where I was in a small prison cell in this school I never been in before. They let me out when they found out my teeth were falling out. It started when I bit down and it loosened two teeth. I pulled them out only to have the rest be loosened and fall out. I spat them out. My teeth then regrew as 3 sets of shark teeth. I then began to test out my teeth. I touched them and they were sharp. I then began to eat some form of orange pitted fruit, probably a mango. It tore it to shreds. What does this mean?

? @ Witness
I had a bad dream that my older brother who is actually best friends with this middle brother ordered for him to be murdered I could sort of see who was standing behind him to complete the task but I turned away so I couldn't see cause I didnt want it to be real, but when I knew they had I turned around and could see him dead saying oh god what has he done! Is there an interpretation to this please as I've already witnessed another friend die!

Frank @ Spider
I dreamt I entered what appeared to be a Wild West style wooden building. In a room to my left I approached a wooden table in the corner. On the wooden table were three or four objects roughly resembling rectangles or squares (crate, solid wood box, etc) stacked largest on bottom n smallest on top. I recognized it as something someone used to reach an empty light socked that hung just above the stacked objects. I didn't find it odd that it was illuminating a small area in the corner of that room enough for me to make this all out, what interested me was the black spider that crawled out of the empty socket as I approached the table. It was not frightening just very odd to see. I reacted as I imagine I would not sleeping.

Ana @ Bow and Arrow
I had a dream that these male twins (I think they are these famous twins in germany in real life) they were arguing and being aggressive towards each other. But it didn't have anything to do with me? And then i came in the room and started shooting with a bow and arrow dipped in blood at a wall. And I had a perfect shot. And at one point one of the twins walked in front and I nearly shot him. Bearing in mind: I don't know any twins! Only famous ones that I have only heard of.

Andrew @ Fish
I dreamt last night I was swimming through a sea of dead fish and a dead shark appeared in front of me as I swam through the dead fish and it's been on my mind all day but I have no idea what it means .

Brandon @ Teeth
My tooth fell out and it didnt hurt but my eyes were watery and i spit red into my hand

Rőckśtař @ Teeth
I dreamed that I cleaned only extreme position of my upper tooth so what does it's mean???

Kelly @ Goldfish
I had a dream I was going to a christening and saw a small white goldfish swimming in the air, I wanted to catch it to give it as a present for the baby, but couldn't see it again. While I was looking I found a goldfish in a bag on the top of the cupboard, I knew it was one I had brought before but had forgotten about it. It was big almost filling the bag, it was alive and well and I was surprised as I knew it had been there a long time.

Prabhakar @ Witch
I'm from India . Last night while in bus. I saw myself in my house and near my window I saw a witch like structure near my bed window looking at my wife . I'd try to alert her but she couldn't hear . The witch had black hair and completely red .pls tell me is it supernatural